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The Dust is a substance found on Dite that makes it uniquely different from Earth in Metal Gear Survive.

Summary[edit | edit source]

According to Virgil AT-9, "The Dust is a mist-like substance, made up of micro-sized particles of unknown composition. It covers the greater part of Dite. It is extremely toxic to humans, and without some form of countermeasure, a person cannot operate within it unimpeded."

In-Game Tutorials[edit | edit source]

  1. "The Environment is filled with a type of dust that is harmful to humans. At the edge of this dust is a wall, of sorts, between the dust proper and uncontaminated areas."Dust 1.png
  2. "You can obtain a variety of resources within the dust, but it's a dangerous area, as a great number of creatures roam it."Dust 2.png
  3. "An Air Tank is required to operate in the dust for an extended period of time. You can only stay in the dust for as long as you have Oxygen, so it isn't easy to explore."Dust 3.png